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Most people prefer to keep their personal information secret even when it comes to interacting with the social media like Instagram. While it sure is an effective strategy to drawing more customer likes, there are times when it can affect a brand’s effective marketing strategy.

Keeping close track of customer data is an essential part of effective marketing. Looking into the personal information of a particular Instagram user will help the marketers to known whether a particular target audience is the right one or not. It will tell them whether to follow a particular Instagram user or not. Marketers will also come to understand what kind of content will best work in the platform. Social media platforms can play an effective role when it comes to brand awareness and influencing the right targets. But how do you do it when prospective free Instagram followers shut the door on your face? Answer – you can use the backdoor trail. That is, by creating an alternative Instagram account and then making it look all the more genuine.

Steps to View the Instagram Profile that Has Private Viewing Setting

Step 1 – Create an Alternative Instagram Account

Not all business Instagram accounts can be an appropriate promotional medium. That is why it is essential that Marketers keep an alternative Instagram account. This will work as a brand personality. You can set the gender of your brand personality the way you want to. For example, if your target audience is a female teen, then you can either select the male gender or a female. Try maintaining parity with the age group that you are trying to target.

Step 2 – Upload As Many As 50 Pictures

Opening an Instagram account and not uploading any picture is something that is definitely odd. That’s because the Instagram is all about sharing images and videos. Try including pictures that are related to the brand objective and that of your target personality. Do not forget to add some variation in the pictures that you are trying to sell.

Step 3 – Set Your Profile to Public

Setting your Instagram profile to public will help you to influence some set of audiences naturally. This is especially true in case if your target audiences have come across your profile. You can draw their interest by opening the doors to your profile.

Step 4 – Purchase as Many as 25,000 Followers

Gathering followers naturally can be time-consuming. However, you can try purchasing your follower base. It’s easy, quick and you can leverage your online promotion accordingly. The best thing about purchasing free Instagram followers is that these are actually done by experts who know how to draw in the right audience base. Leverage your Instagram social promotion to make by expanding your target audience base widely and efficiently.

Step 5 – Search for the Person that you want to follow

But before that, make sure that you turn your account settings into private. Search for the right target audiences. You will now need to find the right ones whom you are true prospects for your business growth.


June 8, 2016 / sushant